Thad Castle (Portrayed by Alan Ritchson) is the obnoxious captain of the 
Blue Mountain State Football team. He is known primarily for his brutality
as a middle line backer and his determination as a captain. Though on the field
he is devoted to his team, off the field his known for copious amounts of sex,
alcohol abuse, using cocain, and just about any other drug he can get his hand 
on (See Vision Quest). He has been known to bully the team mates unless they are
of severe importance to the team.


Thad's father was stationed and killed in Bosnia. In Bosnia he had an illigmate child who is Thad's half sister. Before he died he passed his Pocket Pussy on to his son. Thad reveals durring a game of Beer Pong with Alex Moran that he had a lisp in elementary school. His teacher asked him how he felt about his father dying in which he responded "I'm really 'thad'" meaning to say "sad." His whole class laughed at him and called him Thad from that point on. His real name is Kevin Castle. He came to play for the BMS Goats when he visted the campus as a high school recruit and passed out drunk at a party. When he awoke his signature was on a contract. Upon seeing it he immediately was convinced that he was a BMS Goat.

Important PosessionsEdit

  • Pocket pussy
  • His gun
  • Rabies