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Mary Jo Cacciatore
Mari Jo

Full name:

Mary Jo Cacciatore

Place of Origin:

Cheyenne, Wyoming


Early '90s


  • Unnamed Father


Unknown Dorm Room(Season 2-3)




Blue Mountain State


  • Cheerleader(Season 2-3)


Frankie Shaw

First Appearance:

Season 2, Episode 1 "Controversy"

Mary Jo Cacciatore is Sammy Cacciatore's younger sister. She is slightly ditzy and interested in Alex, whom she has known since childhood. She is a cheerleader, though the other girls do not like her due to her laziness and coming to practice drunk. In the second season she had sex with Alex Moran in the drunk tank's elevator. In the third season, she becomes a lesbian and it is implied that she had slept with Debra.

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