Craig Shilo
BMS CraigShilo

Full Name:

Craig Shilo

Place of Origin:

Colombus, Ohio


Early '90s


None known


Unknown Dorm Room(Season 1)


  • American Football(Season 1)


Blue Mountain State(Season 1)


  • Starting Running Back(Season 1)


Sam Jones III

First Appearance:

Season 1, Episode 1 "It's Called Hazing, Look It Up"

(Starring Season 1) Craig is a running back from Columbus, Ohio. National High School Player of the Year, Craig Shilo was the team's star freshman player. Unlike his teammates, Craig is rather straight-laced and committed to his ultra-manipulative girlfriend Denise, with whom he breaks up when he finds out she cheated on him with other men, including a man from her marketing class whom she tells Craig is an NFL scout. It is revealed by the coaches in the Season 2 premiere that Shilo has apparently transferred to Georgia.

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